Preview 16 April 2014 6.30 – 8.30pm

‘Everyone in the whole world was moving in contracting rings of desire and perspective, soon to bump heads. The trick was to be vigilant, and to keep one’s eyes off the ground.’

Soft Evidence, audio piece

Soft Evidence is Matthew McQuillan’s first solo project in London. The show comprises of a number of new works, including a large textile installation, pencil drawings on t-shirts, and an audio piece.

Stuck in the push and pull between anonymity, privacy and the glare of the public realm, McQuillan explores the condition of being a subject. Soft Evidence hints at the artist’s own relationship to this slippy terrain – large, printed blankets reference domestic and personal space, and a drawing depicts a sleeping individual, captured in a moment of assumed privacy. The audio piece is a fictional account of a character awaking to a situation the morning after the night before. As last night’s accomplice sleeps in, she attempts to form an escape plan but is conflicted between her need to remain invisible and a desire to govern the production and dissemination of her image.

Soft Evidence traverses the gulf between interior and exterior spaces, those places where the obscure become manifest.


McQuillan completed his MA at Goldsmiths in 2010. He is currently based in London.

Forthcoming projects include ‘Winter Escape’, a weekend talk series, co-organised with Naomi Pearce at the Common House, London. He is also curating ‘Bottom Natures’ a group show, at Cafe Gallery Projects, in 2015.