Oxytocin presents a new body of works, including a photographic wall-based installation, a series of framed digital prints and a publication made in collaboration with Legion TV. The central element of the exhibition is a wall-based installation made from a large, single digital print and overlaying pieces of fabric. In addition to the large print de Mooij has framed a series of digital prints. The prints comprise of an image of a concrete floor painted pink, a handmade wooden candleholder covered in shiny transparent plastic and a box of antidepressants that lay on top of an image of a woman weaving.

The second aspect of Oxytocin takes de Mooij’s own experience of motherhood. The works here have been made during her pregnancy and her first months as a mother. She sees this time as a period ‘in residence’ in her own home, a period of harsh training in patience and self-sacrifice through performing the rhythmic actions required for the care of a newborn. Foundational to this work is the idea of healing, and the extraordinary sensation of transformation from the private individual self to a vital component in the life of something else.