Legion TV is pleased to announce a collaboration with hrm199 Ltd.

From July through to September 2015 Richard Whitby has been artist-in-residence at hrm199 working towards a new film ‘The Jump Room’ which will be screened on 22 September 2015 at the studio.

‘The Jump Room’ is a two channel video, inspired by conspiracy theories around the CIA’s alleged involvement in teleportation technology, resulting in a ‘jump-room’ device, apparently now installed in several buildings in the US. Some theorists even allege that as a teenager, then called ‘Barry Soetoro’, Barack Obama was an early test subject. Richard is interested in these fictions, rooted in an anti-Western and anti-governmental sentiment that many can sympathise with, that seek to romanticise and aestheticise the underhand workings of political systems. These narratives are seemingly chosen in preference to facing the rather more banal but equally nefarious undertakings of contemporary governments and business.

In the ‘jump room’ theory, it is proposed that a person (perhaps Obama himself) is somehow altered by having travelled between Earth and Mars – or at least that our perception of that person would alter if we follow the theory. Richard is interested in objects, processes and economies behind image production (sets, shoots, techniques, but also ideologies, propaganda, business) and via this double screen ‘teleportation’, he attempts to dramatise an unseen transformative process occurring in the images used.

‘The Jump Room’ is presented at hrm199 Ltd as a work in progress, to be further developed during a residency at SeMA Nanji, Seoul, South Korea, later this year.

Richard Whitby is an artist and writer from Liverpool, based in London. In 2012/13 he was a LUX Associate Artist and in 2015 he completed the CCA Glasgow’s Creative Lab residency. He is currently finishing a PhD at the London Consortium.