A Fog’s central element is grey sky blue, a video installation shot in high definition. The looped video shows a female character moving through mirrored monochromatic corridors, stairways, and lounges. She walks from front to back, left to right, back to front, continuously entering and leaving the frame. Her presence is expressionless and she shares no emotional directives. Light experiments activate the camera lens. Interlaced into these sequences are shots of cloudscapes: clouds detached from any distinguishing space, moving with a range of contrast, direction and speed. grey sky blue uses the qualities of digital video and stereo sound to create audiovisual planes that are sequenced into a virtual architecture made of atmospheric affects. The elements in the video (the figure, the hotel setting, the soundscape, the coloured spotlight, the clouds), as well as the hardware used for its capture and display (camera lens, projection screen, projector lamp), shift between narrative subject and spatial signification. Contexts are subjects; backgrounds shift to foregrounds; material facts suspend perspectival relationships; architecture, atmosphere and psyche are interchangeable.