Co-hosted with the New Museum, New York and commissioned by Legion TV, Yuri Pattison created an online project, RELiable  COMmunications, an exploration, or rumination, of the idea of reliable communications in computer networking. The work took shape as an archive website devised by the artist that changed and developed over the six month period of the project. The work derives its title from the Soviet computer network RELCOM, an acronym for ‘RELiable COMmunications’ that pre-dated the World Wide Web as we know it today. Reliability is also a concept in computer networking where the sender receives feedback that data has been delivered, the Internet as we know it today functions as a reliable network. Users of RELCOM prevented the Soviet coup attempt of 1991 – the network was the only mass media not censored by the architects of the coup, at the time it was deemed not to be of importance. is hosted by Bahnhof, a company known as a free speech ISP. Its clients include Wikileaks & The Pirate Bay, further elements of the project are also hosted on a server within the artist’s studio in Berlin.

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