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The Druids

The Druids descend from the ancient line of mystics whose prime focus was to uphold the spiritual equilibrium of the western hemisphere. They are prophetesses of the coming age and control supernatural forces through means of divination. The Druids both mirror and complete one another, hence they never leave each other's side. Through incantations, touch and laser power they harness the natural world to extract for their magic the very essence of the force that gives life.

The Navigators

The Navigators utilise the powers of the elements, study planetary alignments and use their lasers as sonar echoes to guide their way. They are the Time Keepers and Masters of Ceremony for all rites. They use their navigational instruments and telepathic powers to measure the movements of the solar system, in order to map out the most spiritually aligned sites for rituals to take place.


When the Guardians open their mouths they reveal their third eye. This is from where their lasers emanate, each a differently coloured resonance. The lasers are used to find their way when lost and to locate one another. They can be used to conjure magic and to illuminate the dark journey to and from Annwn. The lasers are tools of sound, light and creation and their third eyes bodily centres of spiritual seeing.


The natural world is for the Guardians a source of life affirming power and worship as every natural feature embodies, and is watched over, by its own spirit. The Celts believed that forests, groves and trees, as well as lakes, rivers and mountains were holy. They also dug deep shafts and underground pits in order to communicate with the Underworld. The Guardians are seen entering such a tunnel in order to travel to the mound where the final Ritual of Equilibrium takes place.


Directed by
Una Hamilton Helle

Barbie Leigh Lawrie

Music and sound design

Research and concept
Lula Alvarez de Perea
Vivian Cooper
Agathe Finney
Una Hamilton Helle

Costume, hair and make up
Lula Alvarez de Perea
Agathe Finney

Barbie Leigh Lawrie
Daisy MacDonald

Visual Effects and Animation
Arnau Millet

Lula Alvarez de Perea
Una Hamilton Helle
Arnau Millet

Hair Styles

The Guardians' intricately detailed hair knots and plats can be traced back to bog bodies found in Northern Europe. Having lain preserved in the mud for thousands of years their style of hair is often found intact. The Warrior Queen carries a Swabian knot, which is a plat tied in a knot on the right hand side of the head and found on members of the tribe of Swabian.

The Warriors

The Warriors are borne of fighting stock and known to wreak havoc on the battlefield. Their pairing consists of the Warrior Queen and her shieldmaiden, the Muted One - she whose third eye is defunct. The women are bearers of the sword and shield, symbols of virility and fertility. They are bringers of doom and death, but also order and stability. Ultimately, they are protectors against the forces of chaos and evil.


It is unknown from what tribe the guardians originated as no written records exist. They bear references in their appearance to both Celtic, Pictish and Northern European Iron Age cultures, so trade, movement and inter-geographical influence would have been extensive. Judging from the locations of their sacrifices, it is clear that their homeland was somewhere in the southern regions of Albion, where the practice of matrilineal kingship succession was practiced.

The guardians consist of three pairings, reflecting the ancient custom of divine couplings and the belief in the triple goddess, She Who is Sometimes One and Sometimes Three.

Sacrificial offerings

A large amount of ancient object offerings have been found in lakes, rivers and wells, leading archaeologists to believe that water was thought of as a sacred depository. Objects would also be buried in graves to help guide the deceased in their journey to the other side. Human sacrifice occasionally took place to placate the gods in times of need. The Guardians were sacrificed for this purpose, and the objects they needed to facilitate their travel to Annwn, buried with them.


The Guardians wear turquoise tunics, designed to reflect the colour of the sky. Each is embroidered with a symbol of magical intent and of Pictish origin, aligned to their specific purpose in the group. In addition, the Warrior Queen wears a ceremonial gold cape, which limits the use of her arms and asserts her power to govern rather than work.