A printing workshop party organised by Tessa Norton. Contributing artists: Michael Lacey, Kate Turner, Sian Murphy with DJ set by Bob Stanley.

“In today’s competitive environment, you need a way to differentiate yourself from your peers. You need an “X” factor that makes you indispensable. In short, you need a personal brand. We created a personal brand experience to help you find and showcase your strengths so you can stand out from the crowd.”

– Price Waterhouse Coopers Personal Brand Workbook, 2014

Walking through Broadway Market in east London and countless similar streets worldwide, we’re confronted with a confusing barrage of images. Greetings cards, craft beer labels and cupcakes vie for our attention, communicating their messages through a selection of increasingly esoteric pictures. Whether owls, pugs, handlebar moustaches or the face of Slavoj Žižek, it is these images that function as logos for a no-logo generation, or the mascots of a gentrifying subculture.

In this bewildering environment, communicating your unique personal brand can seem to be an insurmountable challenge. So what better way to differentiate yourself from your peers than with a cotton tote bag? In recent years the humble object has transcended its origins – the cotton tote is no longer just something to carry your coconut water and Moleskine, but rather a primed canvas for expressing your personal “X” factor.

The Pure Ideology Personal Brand Workshop offers visitors to Legion TV a unique solution to these modern woes. You are invited to produce a unique bespoke tote bag to take home with you, guaranteed to give you that all-important competitive edge over your peers!

Choosing from a foolproof, pre-approved palette of critical theorists, dog breeds and emojis, at the Pure Ideology Personal Brand Workshop participants are invited to select the three images that best express their unique personal brand and have them printed freshly onto their new canvas tote.

Whether your own personal brand is best expressed by Adorno, a ghost and a whippet, or by Žižek and two sausage dogs, the Pure Ideology Personal Brand Workshop offers a total branding experience to help you showcase your true strengths.

Bags and printing £5 with all profits contributing to Legion TV’s programme.

This event is part of The Art Licks Weekend 2014.