The Immaterial Almanac

The Immaterial Almanac

Sunday 10 August 17.00 - 19.00

Publication launch  The Immaterial Almanac

This publication forms a part of The Immaterial Almanac, a series of collaborative projects and solo exhibitions curated by Almanac and taking place in 2013–14, involving emerging artists who have made performance and labour a part of their practice in experimental ways.

Centred on the possibilities for resistance stemming from the increasingly flexible, fluid and invisible ways of working and producing, the project engages with the influence of immaterial labour on the ways we interact, learn and create value.

The content of this publication is not intended as documentation of the exhibitions, but as a continuation of a dialogue on the work and immaterial processes. Expanding the subject of labour to include reflections on language, gravity, mathematics, urban landscapes, weaving, physical regeneration, classical nudes, editing, choice and sentimentality, the texts form a challenge to the writer and reader to reconsider the materiality of our contemporary moment.