Wednesday 23 July 19.00 – 21.00
Legion TV, London

As part of 484 14th Street, a solo show by Nina Wakeford, Almanac presented an evening of performance events.

On the 23rd of July, Richard John Jones, Huw Lemmey and Lily Keal staged performative interventions responding to the installation in relation to physical affects and sentiments.

Lily Keal, “I Just Want To Hug Your Work”

…the hug: an anti-erotic fold in which macho politics and seductive theory gives was to awkward affective spaces and clumsy interactions…

Huw Lemmey & Richard John Jones, “To Make Art, To Take Clothes Off”

Reading with the body
Maybe it is me that is cut up, I certainly don’t feel particularly
together. It’s not just my body, I am also being cut up by the
performance – laying here just taking it – trying to piece together my
experience. It’s not that the construction of the performance is
fragmented, it is very much together but it produces a feeling of

This exhibition formed part of Immaterial Almanac
Supported by Arts Council England